Wednesday, August 16, 2017

                                 All Equipment has been Sold                                 Business Is Closed         

Great Price On Equipment

      We are selling the 2 key pieces needed to start your own poultry business. With us closing it leaves a void in Northern Utah for someone to come in and   provide fresh all natural Turkeys. We raised and processed 5000 turkeys a year   and also did all of our own wholesale and retail sales Taking in orders as early as June to be picked up the week of Thanksgiving . With over 95% of all of the sales being delivered or picked up the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. In the month of November during those  2 weeks we had a total gross sales of $197,000. We also have a large customer base hoping someone will step in and provide them with   all natural antibiotic free fresh turkeys.  The way the market is today with more and more people wanting to be able to buy farm to table, good all natural products it is a great time to get into the business. The only reason we are selling these is that we are retiring. 

Ashley Scaulder

Knase Picker

 The 2 key pieces of equipment needed are a good Scaulder  and a good picker. We are selling ours for $6000 for the pair. They are in excellent condition with less than 450 operating ours on them. They are both set up with and automatic timer, with  thermostatically controlled set up  on our Ashley Scaulder. The Knasee picker comes with a loading and receiving tables, extra picker disc and and automatic timer for picking . We bought them new and they have had regular maintenance on them always. To buy these both brand new today would run you over $19,000. If interested give us a call or text at 801-690-3487.