Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cooking Our Fresh Turkeys

Be sure to remove the giblets which are located under the neck flap. Also remove neck from cavity before cooking. A fresh turkey may smell a little different then the commercial bird when preparing this is because they will not have a chemical smell which most people who have bought commercial birds and gotten used to. So open the bag, there will be some natural juice inside so rinse your turkey then prep and season. 

Our fresh turkeys tend to cook a little faster than what you might be used to if this is your first time. We recommend that you bake them at 325 degrees and figure 15 min. per pound.(20  min. if stuffed). They have a pop-up timer that is set to pop-up at 180 degrees. Start checking about 30 min before you figured it to be done because each bird will cook just a little bit different. I usually like to let it rest after removing from oven about 15 to 20 min. It will carve nicer. There are a lot of other ways to cook your turkey, cook in bags, deep fryer , roasting pans. These other ways will also cook a little faster then instructed so cut off a little time and use a meat thermometer to check your temp. Also if deep frying to keep the wings and drums from overcooking tie a cotton string around the turkey at the wings and drums pulling them in snug before cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving  and Good Health and Happiness to all  this Holiday Season