Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Free Range all Natural Locally grownTurkeys

The turkeys are doing great the first flock has been outside for 4 weeks now and are doing great. What a difference it makes once they are big enough to go outside. The feathers come in thick and shiney and they seem to just really start to grow. We have always believed the fresh air and sunshine make a world of difference. I just can't see raising birds inside a coop the whole time. If your looking for a healthy affordable locally grown turkey that is raised and processed with no additives or growth enhancers. And has not been injected during processing with preservatives and additives . This is the turkey for you. We mix our own feed so there are no growth enhancers or antibiotics added. We feed them an all natural healthy organic diet. Along with the feed they are also feed over 240 bales of hay so they get some good natural greens added to their diet. We find this to be really benificial  to the overall health of the bird.  We are  only one of a very few producers who also have a small processing plant   that is a State inspected poultry processing plant. We do not add any preservatives or additives during processing like most commercial brands. Our turkeys are fresh and all natural and are naturally tender because of the way they are raised and processed. So Yes there is a diiference between our turkeys and the commercial brands you find in the grocery store. Alot of people say they find no difference between a name brand fresh turkey and a frozen turkey they buy at the store. And they would be right they are all feed and processed the same. Most commercial brands carry tags that say refrigerated not fresh for a reason. We are currently taking orders for our fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We recommend you place an order so it will be ready for you to pick up the week of Thanksgiving fresh and oven ready.   We are not always by the phone since we do all the care and raising of the turkeys ourselves so there is alot of hands on work to be done. But if you call and get the answering machine leave me a message and I will call you back to confirm your order. Call 801-731-3760.