Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Fresh Turkeys

As summer is coming to an end and school has started it is time for us to look forward to our 2011 Fresh Turkey Holiday Season. We have all 3 flocks in now and they are doing great, It's getting really busy with the birds eating  and growing more everyday. All the  feed is being made right here at the farm and we are making sure all the birds are well taken care of. They are outside enjoying the sunshine. It is amazing to see how much better they do once they are big enough to be moved outside. I can't imagine raising them indoors the whole time like the big commercial growers do. We have already started taking orders for this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.Remember our turkeys are truly fresh all natural with no growth enhancers or antibiotics and have  no additives or preservatives added during processing. We are busy getting ready and the way our birds are raised is with a lot of hands on work and tender loving care. So if you have a minute give us a call and get one reserved for your special  Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at 801-731-3760.  Please leave us a message if we can't get to the phone. We will always call you back just as soon as we can. We will have the first fresh turkeys of the season ready November 4th.We are excited to see all of you again this holiday season.