Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This Holiday Season

This Holiday season experience a truly fresh, locally grown ,all natural turkey.
We have been raising  processing and selling our fresh turkeys  for 30 years now.We are Not a large commercial grower but a small family farm . We raise a limited number of birds each year. So our focus is to raise  healthy , great tasting, top quality fresh turkeys at an affordable price. We sell locally and do not do any shipping out of state. Our turkeys are only available fresh in November and December which is the only time of year we process.
This helps us produce a top quality bird at a surprisingly affordable price. Generally much lower than the other Companies you find selling natural fresh turkeys on the Internet . We have a few frozen turkeys available after the holidays until about May or June .
Our turkeys are Free Range Birds  and  processed with no additives or preservatives. A lot  of people want to know what the differences are between fresh and frozen . Here is just one of many. A  list of comparisons of other name brand turkeys you buy at the store and the percentage of additives that are listed on there label.
Brand Names                                                          Additives
Wights Fresh Turkeys                                        0%

Butterball                                                          8%

Jennio                                                               8%

Market Pantry Reg                                            8%

Norbest                                                           9.5%

Bonesless turkeys Roasts  { most brands}        15% to 20%

Norbest turkey Breasts                                     15%

Honeysuckle Natural  Turkeys                                        3%
So be sure to read the labels when you go to buy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

As we are just 2  days away from Thanksgiving we  just want to let everyone know how much we appreciate you. We are sold out for Thanksgiving but will have fresh turkeys available again for Christmas. We know alot of you have tried to get through to us by phone and just want you to know yes our phone has really been that busy the past week it is not broken. If you are interested on possibly still getting a fresh turkey on Wednesday we only hold the pre ordered turkeys until 1pm. Because we do not require a deposit at the time they place their order  we sell any turkey that has not been picked up by that time. This works out well for both us and our customers because sometimes they have to cancel at the last minute or there plans get changed. We start taking orders June 1st so plans do change for some of our customers over that period of time. Again we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Wights Fresh Turkeys.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Fresh Turkeys

As summer is coming to an end and school has started it is time for us to look forward to our 2011 Fresh Turkey Holiday Season. We have all 3 flocks in now and they are doing great, It's getting really busy with the birds eating  and growing more everyday. All the  feed is being made right here at the farm and we are making sure all the birds are well taken care of. They are outside enjoying the sunshine. It is amazing to see how much better they do once they are big enough to be moved outside. I can't imagine raising them indoors the whole time like the big commercial growers do. We have already started taking orders for this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.Remember our turkeys are truly fresh all natural with no growth enhancers or antibiotics and have  no additives or preservatives added during processing. We are busy getting ready and the way our birds are raised is with a lot of hands on work and tender loving care. So if you have a minute give us a call and get one reserved for your special  Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at 801-731-3760.  Please leave us a message if we can't get to the phone. We will always call you back just as soon as we can. We will have the first fresh turkeys of the season ready November 4th.We are excited to see all of you again this holiday season.