Friday, October 1, 2010

On The Farm

We start each season by picking up our first batch of baby turkeys in June. We start by getting the poults right after they hatch. We bring in babies 3 different times so it will give us some range in our sizes. They are fed top quality feed that we make ourselves. We do not add any growth enhancers or antibiotics to our feed. For the first 7 weeks they are raised inside the brooder coops and fed by hand daily. As soon as they are big enough they are moved outside to be raised with lots of fresh air and sunshine. We feel this is a very important part of raising a healthy bird. Within days of them being moved outside you start to notice them really starting to grow. They finish feathering out with a beautiful shine to their feathers. They are also fed leafy green hay on a regular basis and have found its a great way to get natural greens in their diet. Most commercial growers raise the turkeys for16 weeks. We take an additional month longer to raise our birds. We take great care and pride in the way we raise our birds.We are a small  family farm with no automatic feeders so we spend a lot of time everyday caring for our turkeys. Most of the day to day care of going through the flocks, making the feed and maintaining the farm  is done mostly by my husband. Our grown kids are also a great help when things get really busy. Our main goal is to insure you get a top quality fresh turkey for your family for the holidays..

In November our first 2 batches of birds are ready to process so they can be sold  fresh to the public. We have a great crew that comes in to help us get the turkeys ready. Our turkeys are all natural and have no additives injected during the processing. We have fresh turkeys available starting the first part of November. But our busiest time is the week of Thanksgiving. Any turkey that is going to be cooked for Thanksgiving day can't be picked up until the week of Thanksgiving because they are truly fresh.
We also have fresh turkeys available again in December generally from the 15th through New Years.We start taking orders in September until we are sold out. To be guaranteed one of our fresh turkeys you need to call and reserve one ahead of time.Generally our sizes range from 14lbs to 22 lbs for our hens  , and our toms from 22 lbs to 30lbs.  We don't promise any birds smaller than 14 lbs but we do get a few. We also have a couple of stores that carry our birds in the Salt Lake area please check them listed on the How to Order post or call us at 801-731-3760 for more information.